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Monthly Archives: September 2011

[Revised] Design Patterns: The State Pattern in C++

This post was revised on the September 17, 2011.   So my first attempt at doing the State pattern didn’t go well. But, which the helpful folks at /r/programming I got set back onto the right track again. The end … Continue reading

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Polymorphism in C++: Polymorphic Arrays

Since I recently did a tutorial explaining polymorphism in Java I think I’ll do one in C++ as well. I’ll be using this as a precursor to design patterns at some point so it’s pretty important we wrap our heads … Continue reading

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Polymorphism in Java: Polymorphic Arrays

Polymorphism can be one of the harder concepts to get your head around when first learning to code. Here’s a simple tutorial designed to introduce polymorphism using a polymorphic array to illustrate its usefulness. Hurray! As I’m learning Java right … Continue reading

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Path-finding: a novice attempt

Posted on by Malcolm

It’s worth noting here that I’ve yet to actually study AI; I’ll be taking that module in the next year. However, for my end of year assessment in programming, we had to create a game based upon the classic Atari … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Posted on by Malcolm

Here’s my first blog post! Over the coming years I’ll be blogging throughout my degree in Computer Games Programming at Teesside University on the things I learn. If at least one person learns something from this then I’ll be a … Continue reading

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