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Bullet Hell Game Redux

Posted on by Malcolm

This is a full 2D game engine implemented using SDL complete with a game demo. Originally the engine and demo was implemented in my second year of university but I reused the project in my final year when I had to implement and profile a game for the linux-based GP2X Caanoo handheld console (which is why all the images are in 16-bit [r5 g6 b5] format). However the GP2X uses a very old compiler (pre C++11) and so I’ve rebuilt it using a modern compiler and taken out the linux-only code.

The core engine code remains largely unchanged since I wrote it in second year, although I’d like to convert it to a component-based architecture as opposed to its current hierarchical design. It even shows a crude attempt at implementing events in C++ before I really knew what events were.

Bullet Hell Redux Game Demo Screenshot

Bullet Hell Redux Game Demo Screenshot

You can download the game demo here (approx 40 MB, WAV files are big). Please read the readme.txt file for usage instructions. The project is approximately 3600 lines of code.
The source code is also available for download, please feel free to get in touch if you are a prospective employer and would like to see it.

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