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OpenGL Deferred Renderer with Reflections

Posted on by Malcolm

This was my final assignment for my real-time graphics module at university. In this application I have implemented reflections with cubemaps and FXAA in OpenGL 3.3+ and have optimized the rendering through the use of stencil guarding and have implemented Carmack’s Reverse to avoid issues with culling while inside the light geometry. I also use OpenGL queries to profile the performance of the GPU (this it recorded in various text files that will be created/overwritten in the same directory as the executable).

Reflections with Cubemaps

Reflections with Cubemaps

You can download a demo here (approx 13 MB). Hold left-click to rotate camera, WASD or arrow keys for camera movement. Please read the console text for further usage instructions.
The source code is also available for download, please feel free to get in touch if you are a prospective employer and would like to see it.

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