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Super Dimensional group project

Posted on by Malcolm

Over 6 months and with a team of 8 artists, designers and one other programmer I helped develop this quick and crazy game called Super Dimensional Great Space Justice Treasure Hunting Pilots (“Super Dimensional” for short) using Unity and C#. My main responsibilities included the design and implementation of the entity management systems for the power-ups and obstacles as well as the random spawning system that guarantees an even distribution through the use of an Influence Map. I also implemented the obstacle behaviours (asteroid, black hole and alien) and tailored my designs to work well with Unity’s component-based system.

Super Dimensional entity management system

Above you can see my design for the entity system in detail. This design was driven for the need for a robust system as our creative process did not end when we entered the production phase of the project. I wanted to create something that could handle all entities and have room for adding/removing of various entity types and behaviours. This was achieved by keeping everything at a very abstract level through the use of interfaces to invoke methods polymorphically. Whenever an entity was spawned it would take a concrete class of an interface (which I’ve called “IArgPack”) and each implementation of an entity behaviour would be given the chance to handle the concrete class in its own way. Below is a gameplay video:

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