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Using Influence Maps in Unity for random entity spawning

Posted on by Malcolm

I have previously written about this subject; the project I present here is the fruit of that labor. In order to avoid relying on unconvincing computer-randomness I created a system based on Influence Maps that can be used to ensure … Continue reading

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Quick and easy primitive animations in Unity

Posted on by Malcolm

So I was working in Unity the other day on a shooting gallery style game for my final year project only to find out that they had updated the animation system in Unity 4.3. Previously it was super easy to … Continue reading

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Gesture based spaceship control with the Leap Motion and more!

Posted on by Malcolm

I’ve finished the first iteration of the gesture component of my multi-modal user interface. It was surprisingly easy with the data the Leap SDK provides (such as palm direction and palm normal). Below is a video showing my progress (the … Continue reading

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Distributed randomness in a battle arena game

Posted on by Malcolm

The Problem   My final year at university has a really fun module: Advance Games Development. It’s a module where students from various games-related disciplines (designers, artists etc) get together and produce a game. The game that my group is … Continue reading

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