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[Revised] Design Patterns: The State Pattern in C++

This post was revised on the September 17, 2011.   So my first attempt at doing the State pattern didn’t go well. But, which the helpful folks at /r/programming I got set back onto the right track again. The end … Continue reading

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Polymorphism in C++: Polymorphic Arrays

Since I recently did a tutorial explaining polymorphism in Java I think I’ll do one in C++ as well. I’ll be using this as a precursor to design patterns at some point so it’s pretty important we wrap our heads … Continue reading

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Polymorphism in Java: Polymorphic Arrays

Polymorphism can be one of the harder concepts to get your head around when first learning to code. Here’s a simple tutorial designed to introduce polymorphism using a polymorphic array to illustrate its usefulness. Hurray! As I’m learning Java right … Continue reading

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